Information and forms for Homestay families for International students at Christian Unified Schools.

where to start as a new host family & for new students

1. Sign up with a Homestay Company

2. Complete the Notification of Homestay Company form and return it to the school.

3. Complete the Affidavit of Relationship for Homestay Purposes (for students living with blood relatives)

school district information for students & host families

When a student and family have been assigned to one another, a Homestay Family Handbook will be mailed to the family. Please complete the forms indicated in the Handbook. Return them to the international student office after the student has moved into your home.

  1. Summary of Policies & Expectations
  2. Specifically for Host Families
  3. View the Parent Resources page for Uniform Information, Calendar, Athletic Packet, and Campus Map

frequently asked questions for host families

Become approved by a homestay placement company. You will find a list of companies who have placed students for CUSSD on the following link. You are free to use any of these companies or another of your choice. All students and families must use a company for placements.
Yes, as long as an Affidavit of Relationship with documentation is provided.
Specific requirements are determined through the placement company. Each student and host lists their needs and the placement company matches families and students accordingly.
Yes, each placement company sets their own rates. Payment is done through the company, not the school.
The host family is responsible for transportation as it is covered in the rate of payment set by each company.
Not all International students are Christians. All students are expected to live by the code of conduct, defined by the CHS/CJHS student handbook, in and out of school. They are to be respectful as they attend chapel each week, and complete work diligently in the bible classes required for graduation.
Contact the placement company with whom you are registered.
Contact the placement company with whom you are registered. Please remember the host family, guardian and students are responsible to report any change of information or placement.


Choose from two great ways to learn more about our schools:

CAMPUS TOURS are scheduled throughout the school year and summer. Observe our environment and determine if Christian Unified is the right fit for your family.

At the junior and senior high school level, SHADOW DAYS are available throughout the school year. We recommend a Shadow Day for students going into 7th–12th grade. 



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EBSCO Host Research Databases – Full-text Periodical and Reference Articles Online
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SIRS Knowledge Source – Periodical articles online
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