Chapel services are streamed here in real time on Wednesday mornings at 10:30. Services are archived on our YouTube channel.


Lunch will be provided after our first chapel of the year, provided by Pastor Jeremiah. Our speaker is Superintendent Bob Ruhlman.
Grant Todd serves as the high school pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church. He is passionate about building up disciples through the local church and preaching Biblical truth at high schools and universities across the country.
Todd Durkin is an internationally recognized strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, motivational speaker, and author. Todd founded Fitness Quest 10 which has been named one of the top ten fitness centers in America. His team delivers results to over 500 clients weekly. Todd uses his knowledge of fitness training to teach important lessons about living courageously for God.
Kevin Conover is the chairman of the Bible Department at Christian High and serves on the Senior Leadership Team. His senior class on apologetics helps prepare students for the challenges of the secular college campus. He also hosts Educate for Life, a weekly program on radio and YouTube.
Michael Sanchez was a finalist on NBC’s The Voice and brings his incredible talent as a vocalist, pianist, and guitarist to our student body. He is also the worship leader at Shadow Mountain Community Church and leads thousands in worship through its weekly in-person and online global services.
Born in Kansas City, Missouri, David Brown was a healthy child. When he was fifteen months old, he came down with a disease called Kawasaki’s which eventually left him blind. At age eleven, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri, to attend the school for the blind and that’s where he was introduced to blind sports. ​He represented the United States at the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) games, where he also obtained multiple medals in track and field. Once he graduated, David was invited to live and train full-time at the Olympic Training Center, now the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, in California. During this period, he earned his slot for three Paralympic Games and four World Championships. He broke two world records and obtained one Paralympic gold, five World Championship medals, and two Para Pan Championship titles.
Brooks is a co-vocational pastor who has a dual calling to teach God’s Word to the church and God’s wisdom to the world. A Bible teacher and psychologist, he works with schools across the country to develop mental health curricula for the classroom. His educational videos have been translated into 20 languages and amassed more than 300 million views.
Among the most defining artists in Christian music history, GRAMMY®-winning singer/songwriter, best-selling author, speaker and actress Rebecca St. James catapulted into the global spotlight following the release of her self-titled Forefront Records debut in 1994. The Australian native’s modern pop sensibilities and uncompromising lyrics set a benchmark in Christian music, leading a new generation of artistry in the genre.
Skye Jethani is an author, speaker, consultant and ordained pastor. He also serves as the co-host of the popular Phil Vischer Podcast, a weekly show that blends astute cultural and theological insights with comical conversation. His latest writing project is the WITH GOD DAILY DEVOTIONAL, a subscription-based daily email designed to help a smartphone generation begin the day with God.
Luke LeFevre is 26 years old and lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife Rebecca and his daughter Evelyn. In the past three years alone, Luke has seen over 1,000 high school and college students respond to the Gospel in his city and has spoken to over one million people across the nation through events like IF:Gathering, Q Culture Summit, and more. Luke is the founder and CEO of a student and young adult movement called Consecrate, which calls his generation to radical holiness, audacious faith, and total devotion to Jesus & His mission. He holds degrees in Speech Communication, Christian Ministry, and Strategic Leadership and lives with a passion to see revival in the Church and awakening in America.
In the summer of 1993 Staff Sergeant Keni Thomas was deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia, with the 3rd Ranger Battalion as part of an elite special operations package called Task Force Ranger. Their mission was to find and capture a criminal warlord named Mohamed Farrah Aidid. On the 3rd of October, Keni and his fellow rangers distinguished themselves in an eighteen-hour fire fight that would later be recounted in the highly successful book and movie “Black Hawk Down.” Nineteen Americans gave their lives and 78 were wounded in the worst urban combat seen by US troops since WWII. A powerful speaker, Keni captivates audiences from beginning to end as he tells the incredible story of extraordinary individuals and how they fought to bring each other home.
Emma Mae McDaniel is a speaker, social media influencer, host of the “Have You Heard?” podcast, and the author of You Are, All-Caps You, and Be Loved. She is living on mission for the glory of God, with a deep desire for people to know the Lord, grow in a confident relationship with Him, and live out the significant purpose that He has given them.

Patriot chapels are unique. We begin each session with worship, but this is not church. We fill each session with information, but our goal is not so much education as it is motivation. Many of our students and their families are facing incredible challenges in their lives, and we want to send a strong message about the power of Jesus Christ to invade any environment and to change any circumstance.

Each semester we hear from a number of inspiring speakers. Chapel guests have included a finalist on ABC’s The Voice, the first blind active duty officer in military history, a world famous magician, and an emergency-room doctor who finds time to feed people in Syria.

Our chapel guests all have this in common: they have worked very hard to get where they are, and they have determined to live for Jesus Christ no matter what it takes. For our students, chapel is an incredible opportunity to be motivated, inspired, and changed.


Brad Lomenick Chapel

Brad Lomenick, founder of BLINC, and author of the ‘Catalyst Leader’ and ‘H3 Leadership’ spoke to Christian High students about what is needed to be a great leader. To start, he gave some background into his life. He spoke how in 1995, he was working at a guest ranch and the owner there gave him advice that how his life in his 20s would establish how his life would become into his 70s. Then, he introduced his main question to students of what they want people to say about them after they die.

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Jennie Lusko Chapel

Jennie Lusko Chapel – February 22, 2023 By Diego Duarte Diego Duarte is a Junior at Christian High School, an editor-in-chief of Christian High School’s newspaper, The Genesis, and the founding chairman of its current Young Americans for Freedom Chapter. Jennie Lusko, wife of Pastor Levi Lusko of non-denominational Fresh Life Church, preached about the importance of keeping Jesus at the center of one’s life at Christian High School. In years past, her husband has preached at Shadow Mountain Community Church. To start off her message, she focused on Martha in Luke 10:38-42, when Martha was more concerned about preparing her house for Jesus, then on Him, unlike Mary who

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Ryan Dobson Chapel

As an author of six books and a host on his and his wife’s top 20 podcast called Rebel Parenting, Ryan Dobson delivers an extraordinary message about truth and God’s love to the students at CHS. He highlights the beauty and the struggles of being in a family, and how these struggles can be overcome through God.

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