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one school,
three locations

Since the inception of our elementary program in 1974, thousands of students have benefited from our commitment to teach from a Biblical worldview. We have two locations in El Cajon and one in the South Bay.

educating the whole child

A quality education includes more than academics. Through physical education, choral music, intramural sports and band, our students develop the skills of teamwork, healthy competition, sportsmanship, and musical creativity.  Instruction in technology skills prepares them for the future in fulfilling God’s calling.

The students’ confidence in their faith is increased through chapel services, ministry to others, and classroom instruction.


Teaching a Biblical worldview in school begins with dedicated Christian educators. Integrating biblical principles into all curriculum, teachers emphasize daily that God is Truth and that His Word is the primary source of knowledge. Eliminating the confusion about who we are and why we are here paves the way for a life of assurance and devotion to God.


Elementary chapel services hold a central place in fostering spiritual growth and a sense of community among students. These weekly gatherings provide a special time for students to come together in worship and prayer. Often featuring guest speakers or performances, chapel services offer age-appropriate messages that resonate with young hearts and minds.


Students participate in PE class and have the option to be involved in our sports programs, including flag football, cheer, basketball, and soccer.

field trips

Field trips offer hands-on and experiential learning, allowing our students to see real-world applications of what they learn in school. These experiences build independence, foster curiosity and social development, and build an appreciation for nature and history.

parent-teacher fellowship

Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) promotes fellowship among the parents and teachers, and assists the school with events like the Fall Festival, Dads & Donuts, Moms & Muffins, and more.

dress code

Christian Unified Schools of San Diego desires to create an educational atmosphere that maximizes learning. Modesty, moderation, neatness, cleanliness, and gender distinction are the overriding principles of the CUSSD uniform policy. The students’ dress should reflect pride in their school and respect for themselves.


On the Shadow Mountain Community Church campus, along with Christian Jr/Sr High School
2100 Greenfield Drive, El Cajon

Transitional kindergarten through 6th grade


  • Large campus, bustling with church & school activity
  • Convenient for families with junior high & high school siblings
  • 500+ students, with multiple classes per grade
  • Kindergarten & First Grade classes are located on our junior campus (click to view map) on the west side of Greenfield Drive


    On the Campus of El Cajon Wesleyan Church
    211 S. Third Street, El Cajon, CA

    kindergarten through 6th grade


  • Elementary-only campus with large playground & athletic fields
  • Close to the Christian Jr/Sr High campus for convenient drop-offs
  • 200+ students, with one teacher for most grades
  • Intimate, family atmosphere

    Originally from North Carolina, Mrs. Hester spent 20+ years as a teacher and principal in Christian schools in Florida, receiving a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Stetson University. To her, being a principal is not just a career but a calling. Since coming to Christian Unified in 2017, she has felt blessed every day with the opportunity to do what God has called her to do—help children establish a foundation built upon the rock of Jesus Christ that will guide them, their families, and communities for generations to come.

    christian south

    470 L Street, Chula Vista, CA

    4-year-old kindergarten through 8th grade


  • A single campus for grades K-4 through 8th.
  • Serves families living in the South Bay area of San Diego County.
  • PRINCIPAL brenda sniff


    It is with sadness that we share that the co-founder of our school district, Dr. Beverly LaHaye, passed away on Sunday, April 14. She was 94 years old.

    Beverly was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ all the days of her life, and God used her in extraordinary ways to make a difference in the world around her. Along with her husband Dr. Tim LaHaye, she worked to establish Christian Unified Schools at a time when Christian education was in its infancy. She had a vision to meet the need for God-honoring curriculum and teachers who modeled Christlikeness to the students in their care, and she worked tirelessly to that end.

    In addition to her influence on our school district, Beverly was also the author of many books, the founder of Concerned Women for America, and a beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was a faithful and treasured member of Shadow Mountain Community Church, where she was honored recently during the GirlTime women’s event. As the audience stood to applaud, Beverly pointed upward, giving all of the glory to the God she served.


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