fine arts


From Elementary to High School, our students are encouraged to pursue their God-given talents in the arts.

No matter the student’s area of interest, it is our goal to offer a challenging and rewarding elective experience where he or she can grow and enjoy working together with other students, experiencing memorable events, and contributing to the student life at Christian.

Elementary Art
At the elementary level, art instruction enriches the classroom environment throughout the K-6 curriculum.

Elementary Band
Our 5th and 6th grade band program consists of semi-private lessons throughout the school day, along with a full band rehearsal once a week. Our goals are to learn how to play our respective instruments well on our own and as a group, polishing concert pieces for our Christmas and Spring concerts. We strive for excellence in our learning so that, after a year of band, each student should be competent enough in their musical abilities to understand and play their specific instrument (wind and percussion), perform a wide selection of songs, and know how to play as a group.

Elementary Music & Performance
We learn through scripture that we are born to worship; to love God and to be loved by Him. In Kindergarten through Sixth Grade music, our purpose is to joyfully make excellent music to our God. In Kindergarten through Second Grade we use songs of worship and take our first steps of music literacy using singing, rhythm instruments and body movement. In Third through Sixth Grade we explore music using other instruments, along with our voices, as tools to enhance our worship. In Third Grade we focus on reading music, and in Fourth Grade we learn to play the recorder. Using bucket drums, the Fifth Grade embarks on a rhythm study full of fun. The Sixth Grade studies stringed instruments and learns to play the ukulele. Our Show Choir performs throughout the year at special events. Students are encouraged to invest their talent to the Lord by performing in a Christmas and Spring Performance as well as leading worship in Chapel. Psalm 57 declares, “I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.”

Elementary Drama
All of our elementary students enjoy dramatic arts through their Christmas and Spring productions each year. Drama Club is an additional after-school activity available for students with a particular love for performing.
Junior High Art & Video
A one-semester course alternating with Eighth Grade Drama, Eighth Grade Art introduces students to the basics of drawing, painting, and more. A one-year course in digital video is also available to our eighth graders.

Junior High Band
Junior High instrumentalists have the choice of Beginning Jr. High Concert Band and Advanced Jr. High Concert Band.

Junior High Choir
Students in 7th and 8th grade are welcome to join our Junior High Choir, Resonate. This mixed group will learn singing techniques, basic music theory, and how to read and perform choral music.

Junior High Theatre
Seventh and eighth grade Drama is a year-long course that introduces students to an overview of acting and performance techniques. Students learn basic theater vocabulary, acting styles, and memorization techniques while focusing on creative movement, voice control, and character development. The semester class ends in a class play performed for parents.
High School Visual Arts
At the high school level, Christian High students can choose from three levels of art: Art I, Art II, and AP Studio Art. Students develop observation and technical skills in drawing, painting, design, printmaking, and sculpture while developing confidence in creative and visual expression. With an emphasis on studio production, our art program is designed to develop art appreciation, higher-level thinking and problem solving, art-related technology skills, art criticism, art history, and aesthetics.

High School Photography & Video
Introduction to Photography is a non-darkroom course that introduces students to basic camera function and care, an introduction to using Photoshop to edit and enhance photos, and create digital art.

Digital Video Production allows students to use their own creative ideas to create short films both individually and in groups. Second-year Advanced Video Production students assist with chapel production, in addition to creating other video projects on campus.

High School Band
Our concert/marching band consists of instrumentalists at intermediate-to-advanced playing ability, performing as a group. First semester, the marching band competes and performs in local parades and field competitions. Second semester, the concert band is adjudicated and performs in various venues. Additional band electives include Symphonic Ensemble and Jazz Band.

High School Choir
Concert Choir is a performance-based class where students get to learn how to use their voices, read music, and perform together with other vocalists. Students will have the opportunity to travel in the spring and share their gifts!

Patriot Praise is our high school worship team that helps to lead worship in chapel and sings with the choir. This group is audition only.

Bella Voce is an intermediate women’s vocal ensemble that requires an audition to join. This group learns and performs a varied repertoire at the intermediate level, singing at festivals and touring around the country! Students grow vocally and continue learning music theory and sight singing skills.

High School Theatre
Theatre I is an introductory class exploring many aspects of theatre. Students are given an overview of set-building, properties, costumes, and stage make-up. Basic theatre history and beginning acting skills will also be learned. Each student performs in a scene/monologue showcase and/or one-act play.

High School Advanced Theatre is an audition only course. Upon acceptance, students in this class will present several major productions during the year. Class time is spent in rehearsal and preparation for these productions. This class gives students the unique opportunity to put their theatre knowledge to real world use!

Technical Theatre Production presents fundamentals of stage design, set and property construction, costumes, and make-up, as well as the principles of stage lighting and sound. Students will learn all responsibilities of a production crew including the jobs of stage manager, director, and assistant director. Technical Theatre is also a continuation of learning the above technical elements of theatre and is a hands-on application of skills learned while offering design challenges. This course is open to all high school students.

district spring musical

Students from each of our campuses are welcome to audition to be part of the spring musical each year, and performances feature singing, dancing, and acting from students in elementary through high school grades. Interaction between campuses promotes a sense of community and bonding among students from various age groups within our district. 


It is with sadness that we share that the co-founder of our school district, Dr. Beverly LaHaye, passed away on Sunday, April 14. She was 94 years old.

Beverly was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ all the days of her life, and God used her in extraordinary ways to make a difference in the world around her. Along with her husband Dr. Tim LaHaye, she worked to establish Christian Unified Schools at a time when Christian education was in its infancy. She had a vision to meet the need for God-honoring curriculum and teachers who modeled Christlikeness to the students in their care, and she worked tirelessly to that end.

In addition to her influence on our school district, Beverly was also the author of many books, the founder of Concerned Women for America, and a beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was a faithful and treasured member of Shadow Mountain Community Church, where she was honored recently during the GirlTime women’s event. As the audience stood to applaud, Beverly pointed upward, giving all of the glory to the God she served.



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