Talitha O.

Christian Unified Schools have a consistent and multi-generational legacy of excellence in providing education that is anchored in biblical standards. As someone who attended Christian Elementary School and later public schools and secular university, I can attest to the positive and lasting impact that biblical truth can form during early childhood. Through my early experience at Christian school, I feel that I was better equipped to meet personal challenges and ultimately choose to commit to my faith in Christ as a young adult.

I have also known many successful people over the years who have attended the schools and feel that they were positively impacted by their time there.

Christian Elementary East has been excellent for our son from kindergarten through second grade. The caring and competent staff have gone above and beyond to facilitate quality education throughout the pandemic. Within a couple days of the shutdown, they provided swift access to learning materials while the students were meeting online. When it became possible, they were one of the first schools to return full-time due to their tireless efforts to meet the necessary safety requirements for in-person instruction.

We are so grateful for their hard work! The administrative staff and teachers have demonstrated their desire to serve the students and families at this school. They continually practice the biblical principles that they teach to the students. Their strong work ethic, optimistic outlook, and consistently high standards during this difficult time are a blessing to all of us.


Rafid K.

What an amazing school! It starts with Pastor Jeremiah and the entire staff from K-12 to make this a great school for all three of my kids. They have an open-door policy and are always available to talk about any topic we may have about the daily changes young kids go through.


Melissa R.

A biblical school, with morals and values! They not only help in the education of our children, but the love they share does not go unnoticed! I couldn't speak more highly of this amazing staff! We have yet to experience a teacher who doesn't shine the light of the Lord and love on our children and families! I am beyond thankful for all the things Christian Unified embodies.


Megan K.

Christian Unified Schools is a great choice for academics, extra-curricular activities, and of course the atmosphere. The school is constantly striving for excellence in all these areas and has only improved since my alumni days. Christian Unified Schools has stood the test of time, and I am fortunate to be able to send my own children to the same school that so enriched my life. As a former public school teacher, I have had many friends question my reasons for choosing a private over a public school for my family. The simple answer comes down to the SMALL Christian community and loving staff that deeply impacts every student! Biblical worldview taught throughout each subject matter and even woven into the sports programs equip these kids for the world with a solid foundation of smarts, strength, and truth! You owe it to your kids to look into such a wonderful school that will prepare them for life!


Aaron B.

We love this school. Our daughters attended throughout elementary, and we have found the environment very worthwhile. One of our girls was struggling with her reading, but once she got into a couple of the classes here, the teachers helped her make something "click," and now she can't and WON'T stop reading. All of the teachers, staff, and administration have made it a great environment and are extremely helpful and available any time we have questions or concerns. For a "small" school, there are lots of opportunities for the students. Also, because it is a "small" school, there are also lots of opportunities for parents to be involved in their children's education. We are happy to be in this environment!!


Kristine B.

I am extremely pleased with this school. My kids have both been going there since kindergarten. The teachers are committed to the kids and foster a loving educational environment that is centered around the Bible. My kids love school and love learning. They have made lifelong friends and are truly a small family. There are so many opportunities for kids at this school from band, drama and sports. I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.


Kelsey B.

I can't say enough good things about Christian Elementary School (West Campus). The teachers and staff are some of the most amazing, loving human beings I have ever met. I have 2 students attending (and 1 more next year). The curriculum is challenging, and the extra classes (PE, Music, Computers, and Spanish) are phenomenal. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that my kids are learning in a safe, encouraging, and Christ-centered environment. There is no dollar amount that I can place on that peace of mind. Worth every penny!


Kaylee L.

Our family was so fortunate to be able to send our daughters to the East campus for kinder through second grade. Those teachers are the DREAM TEAM for getting your children grounded in their education and more importantly weaving Biblical views into every aspect of the day, what a blessing!! The faculty also were so great and helpful at every turn, if we ever needed anything, the office staff, class aids and the principle were there to answer our questions. We felt like the school did a phenomenal job communicating what was happening in the class or on the campus in general as well.

Additionally in attending school at CES we gained more than a great educational foundation for our children, we also gained a wonderful community of parents, teachers and staff to support us along the way, and that is irreplaceable!


Kelly T.

I'm so glad I am able to send my kids to this school. It is worth every penny. I am a former alumni K-12 and I know how special this school is. The community of students and parents is amazing and the teachers truly care about your kids. Their sports programs are amazing. You could not ask for a better elementary school principal than Mrs. Hester. I hope she never leaves! Mr. Hines (4th grade) is hands down one of the best teachers I've ever known. He will most likely be my son's favorite teacher of all time. He made such a positive impact on my son's life at a very hard time. I will be forever grateful to him for that. Each teacher has inspired my children and all three of them love going to this school.


Jennifer R.

Christian Unified Schools has made such a difference in our family. We have had 3 students attend (2 currently). Our experience has been very good. Our oldest son was VERY prepared for college (graduated in 3 yrs) and went on to earn a Master's degree. The teachers, staff, and administration really set a family atmosphere. What an honor for our sons to be able to sit in a chapel service and hear Dr. David Jeremiah speak to them! You can't get that anywhere else. Academics are challenging, yet help is available if needed. Sports- our sons have participated in varsity sports, with one earning a Division 1 scholarship in baseball. The athletic department does a fantastic job. Many athletes go on to play at the next level. Athletic teams consistently overachieve compared to our enrollment numbers. If you are considering private education, this is a great option. Christian environment/leadership, excellent academics, successful athletics, caring teachers & staff, lifelong friendships.


Jerold H.

Amazing school. We love having our two children at Christian Unified. The teachers and staff are doing incredible work during the return to school. They have been very diligent in safety and are exceptional educators. We value the spiritual teachings and we are all thrilled to be back in school!

Francesca R.

This school has been such an immense blessing to my family - the size, the staff, the family culture. We have only been here for three years, and God willing we can keep our kids there all the way through senior graduation! I am beyond glad we made the decision to switch schools and go here. It's worth the drive!


Donna H.

Our family has been so blessed to be a part of Christian Unified Schools. My children attend Christian Elementary East. We are especially blessed with a wonderful and amazing staff! We’ve had nothing but pleasant interactions with the teachers, principal, administrative assistant, and support staff! The teachers throughout my children's school years have been beyond extraordinary. Their love, commitment, and dedication to all their students have been amazing!! We love how God is working in all their lives and ours too. They bring a Godly curriculum into our children’s daily learning. In my experience, issues have been addressed with a biblical view, specifically emphasizing Christ-like behavior. The transition to mobile learning in 2020 was well executed, given that they had to adapt to an unprecedented situation. We are thankful that we were given the option for mobile learning or in-class learning for the 2020-2021 school year. It has been a pleasant experience having our children attend Christian Elementary East, and we look forward to the years ahead!


Deanna C.

I have three kids at Christian. My twins are about to be seniors in high school and my little one is going into 2nd grade. We started at CHS when my twins were freshmen. I was a bit stressed because I knew it would be a big sacrifice for our family financially. It's the best move we've made in our kids' education. My big boys love it there and have created relationships that are unmatched to any other. We are part of a family. All of the teachers and staff actually know who my kids are (not for the bad reasons). Academically my kids have been challenged and have succeeded more than I could have hoped for. I love that their class sizes are small which allows relationships to grow between students and teachers. They're not just a number.

We decided to put our daughter in Christian at kindergarten because of what we experienced with our older boys. I can send my daughter to school knowing she is loved and cared for as if she were their own child. She is reading 10-15 books a week on her own and has excelled in math.

The most important thing about Christian is the values instilled into my kids. They're taught about the love of Jesus for them. They are learning about the Bible. If anyone is ever even considering sending their kids to a Christian school this is top notch.


Christine A.

Christian Unified is a wonderful school that focuses on growing up students to love the Lord, have a huger for academics, and grow in spirit and mind! We are so thankful for the support of teachers and staff not only during the academic year but also as we transitioned into a distance learning model. Christian is truly a school that cares about the whole person and the whole family.


Sebastien T.

We are very blessed and pleased to have chosen Christian Unified! Great academic rigor and smaller learning environments, as well as enrichment and academic programs that positively add to students' educational and spiritual journey!

Becky A.

Wonderful School! Christian Unified is truly a special place. I have been a public school teacher for over 15 years and I personally see the amazing benefit of having your children in the private school system, specifically a Christ-Centered school. Christian is an amazing place to send your children. Christ is the solid foundation embedded in the teaching across all settings. My children are thriving here, and the academic rigor is top-notch. My high schooler is involved in sports and clubs and has made incredible friendships. Teachers develop relationships with the students and are in constant communication with families. The school has a feeling of family and both my children feel at home at Christian.


Jay B.

Great curriculum. Great staff. Office ladies are such a help. It seems the high school has a good handle on balance between individualized instruction and whole class instruction. While the teachers deal with a whole class of 22 students, they don't miss the kid who needs extra attention! I value that students are taught at a high academic level while at the same time are challenged to grow ethically. So important before heading to college - and they run into who knows what. Obviously, they teach from a Christian perspective, but at the same time they don't compromise or water down the scholarship.


Whitney W.

I feel so blessed to have my children at this school! Not only are they able to talk about God freely and have the Bible incorporated into each class, but they are personally looked after by the loving staff at the school. This is not just a school, it is a family! This school is tough academically and it has more than prepared my kids for each next step in their academic journey. The athletic department is wonderful and the teams compete against much larger schools throughout the county and do well! I am thankful for this school and what it has done for my children!


Christie C.

This school district is the best! I attended here, sent my older kids here, and I'm excited to be back again with my young kids! The teachers remember and ask about my older children and even pray for them!

I cannot over-emphasize the feeling of comfort I have knowing my children have teachers who are invested in them personally. The curriculum is very good--challenging and insightful. I love the fact that the Christian faith is infused into every subject. These schools offer a very good education. Even at the elementary level, the kids are taught art, music and theater; there are many sports choices. My favorite thing the true community feel from elementary through high school! Parents are included and involved. I feel so blessed to have my children attending CUSSD!​


Weston A.

As alumni of Christian Unified Schools, we are excited to have our kids there too. My wife and I met at Christian High and have lifelong friends from our time there. We have been very happy and impressed with Christian Elementary East. The teachers and staff truly care about the students and their families.

Even during COVID in 2020, the faculty and staff were quick to move the students to distance learning and still keep high expectations in order to keep them from falling behind on the year.

We are excited to have our kids there and hope they develop the same fond memories, friendships, and experiences that we had.


Amy W.

Our family is a second generation family of Christian Unified graduates. My husband graduated from Christian High and, just this year, our daughter completed her senior year at Christian High School and will graduate with honors in academics, servanthood, and leadership. Our other 2 daughters are currently enrolled and actively involved. The relationships and connections we have all gained while at Christian have been invaluable. Christian Unified has continued to instill Biblical truths in all that they teach. Teachers and staff continue to pour into the lives of the students and build lifelong relationships. Christian Unified Schools is not only a school but a family.


Amy P.

As a new family to Christian Unified, we feel the school has been a wonderful experience for our child. The staff is caring and supportive, biblical lessons are taught alongside the curriculum, and there are a variety of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. The friendships and sense of community we feel here is priceless.



It is with sadness that we share that the co-founder of our school district, Dr. Beverly LaHaye, passed away on Sunday, April 14. She was 94 years old.

Beverly was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ all the days of her life, and God used her in extraordinary ways to make a difference in the world around her. Along with her husband Dr. Tim LaHaye, she worked to establish Christian Unified Schools at a time when Christian education was in its infancy. She had a vision to meet the need for God-honoring curriculum and teachers who modeled Christlikeness to the students in their care, and she worked tirelessly to that end.

In addition to her influence on our school district, Beverly was also the author of many books, the founder of Concerned Women for America, and a beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was a faithful and treasured member of Shadow Mountain Community Church, where she was honored recently during the GirlTime women’s event. As the audience stood to applaud, Beverly pointed upward, giving all of the glory to the God she served.



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