James Darnell

Training young minds to think with a biblical worldview is a high calling. Christian Unified Schools offers me the opportunity to achieve this task and make an impact on the next generation for Christ.

Melissa Johnson

The true joy of working at Christian throughout the past fifteen years has been encouraging students in their spiritual, as well as their academic, development. Helping them to not only navigate literature, writing, theatre, and speaking skills, but to do so through the lens of a Christian worldview. I have created lifelong mentorships with my …

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Eileen Hollison

I love helping junior high students who are emerging into adulthood, thinking for themselves, and taking ownership of their relationship with God. Each of them will be influencers, and it is a blessing to support them on their path to leadership.

Michael Folsom

I love to share the wonders of history with my students…to show how the hand of God has influenced our world. I also want to share my life experiences as a teacher, coach, college student, father, and soldier to help the students be more well rounded individuals.

Tim Brown

I love having the opportunity to impact a student’s life through studying the Bible together.

Linda Breeden

Because I have a counseling background as well, I find teaching incorporates many of my skills and gifts. One of the beauties of teaching literature is in the ability to provoke thoughts about beliefs, evaluate decisions by characters, and value objective truth. The real power is in teaching literature from the perspective of the Christian …

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Brian Blake

I work at Christian because I whole heartily believe in our school’s mission statement. I am passionate about teaching my students to think, learn, and live from a Biblical worldview. My biggest reward is being able to teach my students to understand how much they are loved by Jesus, that they are truly special, and …

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Casey Kunde

I chose to work as a counselor in order to help kids discover their strengths and talents. Each student comes to school with different motivations. My job is to help students discover their interests and to support their goal formation while building a plan for the future.

Vickie Carrington

I am serving the Lord in a ministry calling to which I am honored to be used by Him to impact and pour into youth! I’ve taught in the past and I do what I do now because I love to help student-athletes achieve their goals and dreams. In obedience to the Lord, I am …

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Choose from two great ways to learn more about our schools:

CAMPUS TOURS are scheduled throughout the school year and summer. Observe our environment and determine if Christian Unified is the right fit for your family.

At the junior and senior high school level, SHADOW DAYS are available throughout the school year. We recommend a Shadow Day for students going into 7th–12th grade. 



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